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e-Quip Professional Medical Device Asset Management Software

Medical device asset-management has just got professional and affordable! Developed by working with many of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK for 20 years, you will not find an asset-management system with the power and flexibility of e-Quip AM.

Role-based configuration allows you to concentrate on what you need to see and ignore what you don’t. Microsoft .Net technology combined with Microsoft Office styling brings Microsoft Excel features such as column filters, formula support, column freezing, in-grid editing and much more into asset-management. All of this power and flexibility, combined with unlimited user licensing allows you to get asset-management out of EBME and Medical Physics and into the rest of the hospital.

For hospital equipping and procurement teams, e-Quip PM allows you to take control of your equipping projects from building design, through equipping and procurement, and on to asset-management.

Medical Asset Management

Asset Register and Job Management only just scratches the surface of e-Quip capabilities. e-Quip will handle your service scheduling, spare parts and contracts too.

Reporting & KPI’s

Powerful KPI reporting based on the NPAG requirements are a built in feature of e-Quip. Export functionality to Word, Excel and PDF as standard and all configurable at the click of a button.

Dedicated Support

e-Quip support staff are dedicated to our customers and it shows. Always happy to help, always a friendly voice at the end of the phone and nothing is too much trouble.

Would you like to see how e-Quip can improve efficiency and reduce costs, or just say hello?

Call 01785 74 75 75 or email support@integra.uk.net and we would be happy to arrange a demonstration.

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Coming Soon – Version 4.0.0

The combined new functionality in versions 3.8 and 3.9 is so considerable, especially when taking versions 3.1 through to 3.7 into account, that the latest update is being shipped as a major release: 4.0. Our latest build brings a lot of new features to the party,...

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The Capital Bidding Process

First of all, what exactly is the "capital bidding process"? Essentially this is the process which starts with someone requesting the purchase of a medical device and ends with the commissioning of whatever is purchased. The term may be somewhat of a misnomer since...

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Making Life Easier with System PPMs

Version 3.9 will see the introduction of the new System PPM utility which simplifies recording the maintenance of multi-component devices, such as camera stacks. Almost invariably each module of a system is serviced as an individual item (rather than having a single...

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