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The leading software provider in Professional Medical Device Asset Management

Device User Competence

Keep records on clinical staff competencies for the devices they use within the Trust

Reporting and KPI's

Key Performance Indicator’s that provide accurate, measurable value to your data to demonstrate performance.

e-Quip Professional Medical Device Asset Management Software

Medical device asset-management has just got professional and affordable! Developed by working with many of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK for 20 years, you will not find an asset-management system with the power and flexibility of e-Quip AM.

Role-based configuration allows you to concentrate on what you need to see and ignore what you don’t. Microsoft .Net technology combined with Microsoft Office styling brings Microsoft Excel features such as column filters, formula support, column freezing, in-grid editing and much more into asset-management. All of this power and flexibility, combined with unlimited user licensing allows you to get asset-management out of EBME and Medical Physics and into the rest of the hospital.

For hospital equipping and procurement teams, e-Quip PM allows you to take control of your equipping projects from building design, through equipping and procurement, and on to asset-management.

Medical Asset Management

Asset Register and Job Management only just scratches the surface of e-Quip capabilities. e-Quip will handle your service scheduling, spare parts and contracts too.

Reporting & KPI’s

Powerful KPI reporting based on the NPAG requirements are a built in feature of e-Quip. Export functionality to Word, Excel and PDF as standard and all configurable at the click of a button.

Dedicated Support

e-Quip support staff are dedicated to our customers and it shows. Always happy to help, always a friendly voice at the end of the phone and nothing is too much trouble.

Would you like to see how e-Quip can improve efficiency and reduce costs?

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A New Way of Working

With Covid-19 still dominating the headlines and the ongoing need for social distancing we are putting a few changes in place. e-Quip Office Open and Happy to Help Your e-Quip support team are all back in the support office working at full capacity, the only change...

Formatting Sub-Lists in Word Reports

You probably know that you can design your own Microsoft Word reports for things like job sheets, invoices, equipment bar codes etc., but you might not know how you can control the format of sub-lists, like the list of parts used on a job. e-Quip ships with several...

Monitoring Improvements – Dashboard Snapshots

There are plenty of ways within e-Quip to report on events in the past, present and future. The graphical dashboard, for example, can show your current PPM compliance as well as a wealth of information based on a 12-month period, such as monthly workload, parts usage,...

The Filter Manager

Users often build up large collections of filters. Prior to version 4.2.7 these could only be managed by the user who created them. This could lead to administration problems when users left, as their shared filters would still be available to other users. The Filter...

Microsoft Word List Reports

The Report Manager is available on most e-Quip summary screens. It currently produces 2 different types of report: Microsoft Word Data Sheets & Microsoft Excel Where-Used Reports. Data sheet reports are useful when you need 1 Word document for an individual e-Quip...

Version 4.2.1. has been Released

This is a very comprehensive upgrade with many new features and enhancements. The last blog article relating to new releases was for version 4.0.4. This article described some late-breaking changes which had been added to version 4.0.0 (which was described here). This...

e-Quip User Group Success

Venue for 2019 As our e-Quip family grows from strength to strength we made the decision to changed venue and timing for the e-Quip User-Group 2019. The Institute of Mechanical Engineering was host for the day (1st October 2019) and was enjoyed by 50+ of our e-Quip...

Bringing Harriet Home

There is only so much that you can do in a barn with no electrical power supply and a built-in haystack; grinding and welding are definitely not on the menu. Apart from that, winter was fast approaching and an open barn out in the fens is no place to be in the cold...

Version 4.0.4 – Some Last-Minute Extras

Version 4.0.4 is now available and some last-minute enhancements have been squeezed in. Job Rescheduler Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust the planned date of a number of jobs in order to reschedule them. This might happen after the service interval for a PPM...

Getting Down to Business – Visits #3, #4, #5, #6 & #7

There are two points on which I take issue with my Haynes Manual: "The use of a traditional chassis allows for the easy removal, repair and replacement of body components"; "Refitting is simply the reverse of dismantling". One of the things that I've always liked...