01785 74 75 75 support@integra.uk.net

The e-Quip Team

Sarah Brassington BSc (Hons)

Email: sarah.brassington@integra.uk.net
Telephone: 01785 74 75 75

Sarah runs the e-Quip Support Office, designs the e-Quip micro-sites, answers all things e-Quip and keeps everything ship-shape while making sure everyone is where they are suppose to be. Nothing is too much trouble and Sarah is always more than happy to help.

Phil Brassington BSc (Hons)

Email: philip.brassington@integra.uk.net
Telephone: 01785 74 75 75

Phil helps with the Support Desk, handles all the e-Quip upgrades and is also brilliant at training for new and existing e-Quip customers.
He is a busy chap that’s for sure but he is always happy to go that extra mile to make a difference.

Jack Foulkes

Email: jack.foulkes@integra.uk.net
Telephone: 01785 74 75 75

Jack has been part of the e-Quip team for over three years and to be honest there isn’t much ‘e-Quip’ he can’t get to grips with. He managers all of our version upgrades, most of the 3rd line support (all the tricky filters and queries) and is now turning his hand to development. He is a super sharp ‘cookie’ so if you’re trying to write some super clever stuff in e-Quip Jack is your man.

Peter Spencer CEng BSc MBCS CITP MIChemE

Email: petespencer@integra.uk.net
Telephone: 07944 754935

Originally a chemical engineer, Peter is our CAD and graphics specialist. He is our e-Quip Data Conversion ‘Guru’ and lays all the ground work for a smooth transition to the world of e-Quip.

Graham Stanbury MBCS CITP – Director

Graham is the product lead for e-Quip, and is also responsible for developing Integra’s software frameworks that are used by all our applications, including e-Quip.
Email: graham@integra.uk.net

Dr Peter Bishop PhD BSc CEng MIMechE – Director

Peter is the product lead for our Activity DataBase health building architectural briefing & design product, which we develop for the Department of Health.