e-Quip PM - Procurement Management from Integra

Managing the Hospital Equipping & Procurement Processes

If you are managing a hospital procurement project and are drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, then e-Quip PM can put you back in control. e-Quip PM is a powerful equipping & procurement tool from the designers of e-Quip AM, the UK market-leading medical device asset-management database system. It moves the management of procurement projects away from Excel, and into a robust searchable database, while still giving the ease-of-use of a spreadsheet-style user-interface.

The Key Challenges for the Project Team

  • Process Management
    • How are we doing?
    • Are we on time?
    • Are we on budget?
    • What have we done so far?
    • What should we do next?
  • Data Management
    • How do we present the whole team with a consistent view of the data when none of their software tools can communicate with each other?
    • How can we make one user’s changes immediately visible to everyone else?
    • Where is the key project information being held?
  • Communication
    • How do the Purchasing/Supplies Department know when to raise a purchase order?
    • How does everybody else know that the order has been raised?
    • When things change how do we make everyone aware of those changes?
    • How do Estates, Medical Physics or EBME know what manpower resources they will need to commission or decommission equipment, and when those resources will be needed?