The new release of e-Quip version 4.5 brings many changes to the e-Quip desktop software, as well laying the groundwork for additional products upcoming for future release.

Application Installer Changes
  • The installer file comes in both 32bit and 64 bit options
General Application Fixes & Adjustments
  • Auto links have been added for commission and decommission requests
  • Fixed the following field not triggering save changes:
    • Capital Project Bid Dates
    • Role Manager Call Dates and Decommission Options
    • Order Notes Fields
  • Competence groups inactive toggle now supported
  • Capital project bids can now be deactivated and reactivated
  • Budgets can now be edited with a closed status
  • ESR No, site & location added to personnel look-ups
  • Copying a role through Role Manager now copies all role settings
  • Fixed training courses teams filter issue
  • Document link permissions are now taken into account for both jobs and locations
  • Fixed an error with the in-grid editing for the competence matrix screen
  • Clinical role icon now matches the ribbons icon
Application Theme
  • e-Quip now ships with a new theme
  • Noticeable changes:
    • The original “circle” office menu has been replaced with a “file” option
    • The clients border has been removed from the grid
    • Asset & Jobs tabs are now highlighted with your current selection

The following additions have been made to the models screen;

  • New GMDN fields to associate directly to a model
  • Model status has been added to the general tab. Models with an obsolete status class will now display an associated warning for the relevant assets
  • Certain fields can now be made mandatory under Role Manager >> Field Restrictions
  • A new set of currency fields have been added
    • Annual Price PPM
    • Annual Price Full Comp +
    • Annual Price PPM + Labour
    • Annual Price – Fully Comprehensive + Endoscopy
    • Repair Only Price
The following additions have been made to the equipment screen;
  • New GMDN fields to associate directly to an asset
  • QR codes can now be generated using e-Quip report manager tool
  • Equipment location history now displays the origin of the history insert
The following additions have been made to the jobs screen;
  • New loan fields have be added:
    • Loan Provided
    • Date
    • Loan Reference
  • New 3rd party fields:
    • Site & Location
    • Quote Amount
    • Contractor Notes
    • On-Site / Off-Site Repair
  • Job Task Count Validation – This new Role Manager option allows for up to three rules to be applied to job tasks
  • A new feature has been added that can by turned on in the Role Manager – Complete Related Jobs. When completing a job, a new pop-up will show that will allow you to complete any other open jobs for that asset. Simply check the box, set the status and enter the work done details. This will perform all the same processing as closing down a job manually with the benefit of improved reporting as you can keep job types separate but complete them together.
  • Provider has been added to job QBE
The following additions have been made to the contracts screen;
  • Internal notes
  • Location
  • Quote date
The following additions have been made to the orders screen;
  • Quote date
  • Internal notes
  • Site & Location
The following additions have been made to the personnel screen;
  • ESR Status
Commission Requests
The following additions have been made to the commission request screen;
  • Additional items now supports replacement for field per individual item
  • Protection type and electrical class now copy from the model record
  • RFID Tag No 2 has been added to the front page asset and all additional items
  • Site based prefix now applies to commission requests
Excel Import Utility
  • ESR Status added to personnel import
  • RFID Tag No 2, Audit Label 1, Audit Label 2, MAC Address and IP Address added to Equipment import
User Options
  • A new user option “Prompt For Path” that will ask the user to choose an export folder whenever completing a grid Excel export. The file will be saved to the chosen location without opening Excel.
  • A new colour setting which highlights which screen you currently have selected:
Nurse Training Module
  • Ignore Competence Group Personnel. This is a new checkbox on the personnel list of a competence group that excludes them from the automatic add and remove system, allowing to overwrite individually if a user should be removed from the group automatically or not.
  • Training Attendee list can update the corresponding TNA records with a new system option. This will copy the competence start date to the trained date and the achieved level from the event attendance to the TNA record. This only updates the records if the competence start date and attained levels are populated
  • A new system option to prevent the attendee dates being edited
System Options
The following new system options have been added
  • Order Code Prefix – Applies the corresponding prefix to new order records
  • Contract Code Prefix – Applies the corresponding prefix to new contract records
  • Contractor Order No Prefix – Applies the corresponding prefix to auto generated 3rd Party Order Numbers
  • Copy Training Event Attendee Data to TNA – Copies relevant data from the event to TNA records
  • Can Attendee dates be edited
  • Role Manager
  • Close related jobs – enabled the new close related jobs post processing on a per role basis
  • Looks Ins
  • The following new look-ins have been added
  • New look-in “My Open Jobs” on the jobs screen. This shows all jobs where the logged in user is either the technician, assistant or supervisor of any open jobs.
  • New look-in “All Open Loans” on the loans screen. This shows all not started or in progress loans.
  • New look-in “All PPM Overdue Equipment” on the asset screen.
e-Quip Clinical User Portal
The clinical user portal is new web based e-Quip application, optional with e-Quip 4.5. This web-based application combines our previous microsites into one, user-friendly and easy to use portal for clinical staff.
  • Asset list and details
  • Fault reporter
  • Compliance checker
  • Job details tracker
  • Loan requests
For more information, please contact the e-Quip support desk.