Venue for 2019

As our e-Quip family grows from strength to strength we made the decision to changed venue and timing for the e-Quip User-Group 2019. The Institute of Mechanical Engineering was host for the day (1st October 2019) and was enjoyed by 50+ of our e-Quip customers.


Down to Business


Phil opened on the positive note of all the new customers that have come on board in the last 12 months (thank you so much), introductions of Rashid, the newest member of the support team and followed up ensuring you all had the details to access and utilise our help desk (which is included in your Licence fee by the way).

After some safety bits and pieces, and agenda details Phil was happy to hand over to Jack who demonstrated his new development project.

Since Rashid came on board almost three months ago,  Jack has been able to take a step back from first line support and has, alongside training Rashid been developing a Rigel Integration with e-Quip.

Lots and lots of interest here on how we can improve the functionality further, so we (users and e-Quip staff) decided that a Test Equipment S.I.G. (Special Interest Group) in the near future would be of benefit.

We will keep you all posted on dates and venue for this in due course.

This year (and next) e-Quip is spending money and time in further development in the device user training element of e-Quip, Graham demonstrated the newest features we have added to e-Quip and passed the baton back to Phil to demonstrate the new audit micro-site which enables multiple levels of access and user updating capabilities.

Other topics Included GMDM, Capital Bidding, Device Config , Historical Compliance.


Thank you e-Quip Users

The day was a great success and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Lots of contacts made, side discussions about process sharing, and as requested we have set up a ‘Sub Forum’ to continue those discussions online.

I would like to thank Sarah Jenkins from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering for helping us organise the room layout, the menu, the ‘naughty’ Danish Pastries for breakfast. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your support and input on the day, we really enjoy all the interaction and as always some really great ideas (which often turn into e-Quip functionality) and progress made to continue the growth and development of e-Quip.

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Many Thanks

Your friendly e-Quip team.