New in 1.19.0 – Projects

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to group jobs together. For example, at the start of BST you might need to create a job for each device with an internal clock to move the clock forwards by an hour. Of course, creating these jobs is really simple and can be done with a job template, but how can you quickly find these jobs to see how many you’ve done and how many you have left?

You could put something in the notes field of the job template and then search on that, or possibly use some special wording in the reported fault/work instructions field. Both of these solutions will work, but they’re not exactly an elegant solution.

Enter Projects! A project is nothing more than a list of jobs. A project has a code, name, description and notes, along with start and end dates and a team. A project can be assigned to an individual.

The job property page now has a Project field on the general tab. It supports Quick Filter and can also be searched for using Look For and the Filter Wizard.

We hope you find this useful