As usual, we will be attending the annual Philips Biomed Conference this year, or the National Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Conference, 2017, to give it its official name. Philips are branding this as the “20th” and those of you who have known us for a while will remember seeing us there back in the Hewlett Packard days. The first one I went to was the 2nd, held at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. It certainly doesn’t seem like 19 years ago.¬†Things have changed a great deal since then – I wonder whatever became of Agilent!

If you’re at the conference then please drop by our stand to say hello. Depending on your demographic you can chat with Peter and myself about how the “Y2K Problem” brought the world to its knees, or look at up-to-the-minute features like RFID tracking, nurse training etc. with Phil, Sarah & Jack.

See you there!