Version 3.3.0 will include a simple application which will allow porters and other hospital staff to easily issue loans when the library is unattended. It is designed to work with a bar code scanner and ideally a touch screen, although it works just as well with a keyboard.

Out of Hours Loans

Let’s assume that a) you have barcode labels on each device in the library, b) a sheet of¬†barcodes for each ward (ideally this would be laminated) and c) all staff have a barcoded Id badge. (remember, this will work without barcodes but they will save time).

Step 1: The porter clicks button No 1 “Click Here Before Removing any Equipment from this Room

Step 2: He scans his Id badge and clicks Next

Step 3: He scans the location where he will be taking the device(s) from the laminated sheet

Step 4: For each device he is taking he scans the Equipment No and clicks Next. As each device is scanned it will be added to the New Loans grid

Step 5: When he has finished he clicks button No 8 “Click Here When you have Finished

e-Quip will then create a loan for each device and reset the screen ready for the next batch.

When validating the person taking the equipment the utility first checks the e-Quip personnel code, which should match the Id badge barcode. It then searches on name. It does the same when validating the location.

That’s the basics, but we’re working on improvements already, like:

  1. The ability to issue loans to multiple locations
  2. An option to allow free-text issuer & locations

We’ll keep you posted.