1. New Functionality – KPI Generation

e-Quip can now generate powerful, highly-configurable evidence-based Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which are presented using Microsoft Excel.

There are several blog articles which discuss the KPI’s

2. Locations

a. As part of the KPI development, Service Level Agreement (SLA) data has been added to the location property page. This allows the support coverage obligations for that location to be recorded.

3. Categories

A new field, PPM, has been added the the details tab on the category property page to indicate whether or not a particular type of device is subject to planned maintenance. This field is used by the KPI generation processing to determine which devices should be subject to planned maintenance.

4. Jobs

1. A new field, Checked By has been added to the work done tab of the job property page.
2. When a job for a device which has an outstanding Medical Device Alert is closed, a screen is shown listing all of those MDA’s. Previously each of the MDA’s was automatically selected in the grid

5. Equipment

1. a New field, Date of Manufacture has been added to the technical tab of the asset property page.