Version 1.17.0 has just been released. It has some useful new features, such as:

1. AKA (Also Known As) field added to the Supplier screen.

2. Calibration Expiry Date added to the equipment screen. This is linked to test equipment selection on the job screen to prevent test equipment being selected if it is out of calibration.

3. Document Quick Links now allow a document to be linked without going through the hassle of adding it to the library first.

4. Configurable fate formats in grids. Using standard date formatting strings you can now control how dates and times are displayed in grids.

5. Jobs are now automatically deactivated when as asset is deactivated.

6. A data sheet report has been added to the supplier screen.

Once you have upgraded you can get the full list of new features by opening Help (F1), the first topic is ‘What’s New in 1.17.0’