About e-Quip AM

Medical Device Asset-Management with e-Quip AM

Can your system search for information like this on any column on any screen?

Excel Column Filters

… and do grouping and auto-sum like this on any number of fields?

Excel Column Filters

… and show a configurable dashboard to notify you of events and KPI’s?

… and produce KPI’s based on the National Performance Advisory Group’s specifications?


Ours not only can, but is doing so at hospitals ranging from some of the country’s largest University Teaching Hospitals to District General Hospitals, and even small clinics!

And it can do a lot more besides. All device management applications have inventory & work management, spare part stock control, contract management, MHRA medical device alerts, equipment libraries etc. (although with some of our competitors there may be additional charges for some of these), but do they also handle:

  • KPI Generation
  • Information Governance aspects of device management
  • Equipment Decontamination
  • Leases
  • Pre-Purchase Questionnaires
  • Supplier Loans – IFA/B
  • Customer Management
  • Automated Invoicing
  • User-definable reports to Excel, Word and PDF
  • Training
  • Full support for device user training linked to staff grades/roles
  • Asset tracking with RFID
  • GS1 support

Browser, Mobile Device & Desktop Interfaces

  • The powerful desktop Office 2007/2012-based interface is generally used by engineers and power-users
  • A Pocket PC interface is used by engineers on the move
  • A browser-based interface is available for clinical users

Naturally both are included in the same licence price – there are no added extras.

Try our e-Quip Web version There’s no need to log in, just choose a location from the drop-down list on the right and click Go. Once you have some data in the grid you can click the hyper- link on the left to open a record. Notice that the filters work just like Microsoft Excel column filtering: type a search value in the column header then choose a filter condition (Contains, Starts With, Equals etc) from the drop-down list, then click Apply Filter. Although the example above shows a very simple configuration, the browser application can be configured to show a great deal of information, including key performance indicators.

(Please note that the server hosting this application might not always be available. If the link fails please try again later)

Medical Device Managers in the UK operate within a framework of regulation and inspection designed to improve patient safety. The MHRA Device Bulletin DB2006(05) identifies the following responsibilities for Device Managers:

  • Decontamination
  • Equipment life-cycle
  • Procurement
  • Records
  • Adverse incident reporting
  • Actions required on MHRA’s Medical Device Alerts and manufacturers’ corrective notices
  • Training
  • Technical specifications
  • Regulatory compliance and related issues
  • Rationalisation to single models, where possible
  • Risk management
  • Equipment inventory
  • Manufacturers’ instructions
  • Disposal

Implementing these policies will not only improve patient safety, but the financial benefits are significant. NHSLA level 3 compliance brings a 30% discount on CNST contributions. DB2006(05) also states “Good record-keeping is essential for the safe management of medical devices… The records should be maintained within one system wherever possible. ” The e-Quip family of software tools is the only integrated system which meets these requirements.

e-Quip AM (Asset-Management) is the newest medical device asset-management software to be released in the UK. There is no other system available which offers the ease-of-use, combined with power and flexibility of e-Quip AM. The design of the system was based on over 10 years experience working with some of the largest Medical Physics and EBME departments in the UK, listening to their requirements and taking into account their problems with existing systems.

e-Quip AM is:

  • Modern
  • Based on the Microsoft Office 2007/2010 user-interface style
  • Users familiar with Microsoft Excel will immediately feel at home with the system, even without training, with features like:
  • Excel-style column filters
  • Formula support
  • Column freezing
  • Auto-sum
  • Auto-pivot
  • Fully configurable by user role
  • Users only see the screens, columns, menus etc that they need to see
  • The behaviour of many system features can be modified according to a user’s role
  • Powerful & Customisable
  • All data processing is performed by user-customisable procedures
  • How data is fetched and processed is completely under your control
  • This allows custom workflows to be created to enforce your policies and processes

These features alone make e-Quip AM an attractive choice for Medical Device Managers, but when combined with our unique pricing strategy, e-Quip AM becomes the only choice.

Best-in-class software tools do not have to be prohibitively expensive. In the past, medical device asset-management software has been massively over-priced. The reason for this is that suppliers are trying to recoup their development costs in as short a time as possible, and this means a high purchase price. Also, because the suppliers perceive that large hospitals are prepared to spend more, software is often sold with a limit on the number of concurrent users; the more users you need, the more you pay.

To us, this has never seemed logical – surely it costs the same to develop the software regardless of how many people in a hospital use it? This pricing policy is based purely on profit and runs completely counter to the customer’s requirements.

Our strategy is different. We are proud of our software and want you to use it as much as possible. We would prefer it if hundreds of people used e-Quip AM, not just Medical Physics or EBME. e-Quip AM does not have a purchase price! You don’t buy the software (in fact, you can’t buy the software). All we sell is an annual “right-to-use” licence – once you have purchase this you can use the software for 12 months, with as many users as you choose. There are absolutely no other costs.

  • No up-front costs
  • e-Quip AM has no purchase price; you don’t buy the software
  • There is no annual maintenance or support charge
  • The only charge is an annual “right-to-use” licence
  • There is no limit on the number of concurrent user sessions. Your annual licence entitles you to run with as many users as you choose

Prepare to be astonished (in the right way!) when you see the power and features of e-Quip AM, and then look at the price tag.