Work on version 3.3.0 is well underway and having just posted an article about the library changes I thought I would give you an update about what has gone into the next version so far:

  1. Loan screen redesign
  2. Pocket PC loan auditor
  3. Support for Office 2007 xlsx & docx files
  4. Embedded documents as well as document links
  5. Two pictures on the model scree
  6. Two pictures on the spare parts screen
  7. Improved Nurse Training TNA report
  8. “Accepts Credit Card” added to supplier screen
  9. Service added to contract screen
  10. “Has Patient Data” added to model screen
  11. Customer added to Job QBE
  12. Decommission request added to equipment screen
  13. Life added to category screen
  14. Job Excel import improved. It can now be used to update as well as create jobs
  15. Test Software added to Reference Data Manager
  16. “Security Watermarked” checkbox added to equipment screen
  17. It is now possible to configure how many items can appear in the Excel column-filtering tick list before the message TOO MANY ITEMS appears
  18. Support added for 10 year contracts
  19. Auto-email support added to loans and refresher training

We plan to be releasing this version in the spring, so there’s plenty more to come. We will keep you up-to-date as things progress