Log on to E-Quip using your Windows Password

As from 2.0.4, E-Quip integrates with Active Directory to allow you to use your Windows password to log on to E-Quip, as long as your E-Quip login name matches your Windows login name.

Of course, in previous versions you could create an E-Quip account with the same name and password that you used for Windows, but if you ever changed your Windows password you would have needed to also change it in E-Quip. Now, password validation is handled by Active Directory.

So, for example, if you log on to Windows as user myname with a password of topsecret, then when you log on to E-Quip as user myname, you can use your windows password (i.e. topsecret). If you change your password in Windows to mynewpassword, then you must use this password when logging on to E-Quip.

Coming Soon

One of the things which gets in the way of allowing clinical users to update their own device competence records is the massive task of user account management to allocate user names and passwords all staff in a hospital. We plan to add a mechanism whereby anyone can log in to E-Quip using their Windows security details. These users will only see screens related to device competences, and they will only be able to see their own personnel record.